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Dragonfly response to COVID-19

Our business continuity plan is being reviewed by our Management Team on a regular basis and updates are being provided internally across the business.


Firstly our prime aim is to ensure we protect the health and safety of all our employees, customers and Business Partners during this unique situation.


One of the production sites that we use is in China and supply chain operations have been affected there as follows:


Following temporary restrictions, operations have resumed and are returning to normal following mandatory audits by the Chinese authorities and quarantine of returning staff for 14 days.
We will continue to monitor conditions closely working with all our suppliers & logistic providers and at this time there is no material disruption to customer expectations. Steps have been taken to cover some limited short term shortages in supply of certain parts via accelerating shipments by air instead of sea.


We encourage customers to work closely with their Dragonfly Account Manager to provide information about anticipated product needs.


Business Continuity


We are monitoring daily the news around the Coronavirus and what it means for us in the UK. After considering how best to ensure the safety of staff and customers in these trying times and to allow the business to continue functioning as best as possible, we have decided to put in place the following measures, effective from March 19th until further notice:


To prohibit all external visitors from visiting our offices including customer visits. The only exception is where the matter is business critical and an onsite visit is unavoidable.
In support of the guidelines issued by the Government surrounding social distancing as far as practical, we have decided to increase home working for our staff. These systems are already in place and are being expanded to increase flexibility and to enable operations to continue as normally as possible.
Sales and key staff have now started working from home and will limit face to face contact with customers which we have facilitated by providing them with audio and web conferencing facilities to remove face to face meetings.
In addition, we continue to monitor the situation in our offices and our internal advice to staff, based on NHS advice is:


Practice the highest levels of personal hygiene.
Self-isolate for a period of 2 weeks if you or anyone within your social or family group start to show any symptoms.
Contact NHS 111 if uncertain about any of the above.
All our operations are covered by our Business Continuity Plans and Emergency Response Team planning, which is coordinated by location, and any staff absences as a result of Covid-19 would be managed in accordance with these procedures, to preserve services.

Please be assured we are working hard to deliver the best outcomes for all our staff and customers in this time.


On a practical note please see below best practice on how to clean your devices from us.


Device Cleaning


We recommend that you implement a cleaning regime for your office equipment during this time. Details of cleaning your Toshiba Multifunctional Device, Printer or BCP product can be found here

Cleaning your Toshiba products

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